Yes believe your eyes I am writing a NEW post. “I’m back” and covering my face in shame. I’ve sorely neglected my poor blog. This blog is meant to go with me on my journey to reclaiming myself not catch up on the gist later.

A lot has happened since my last post in… when?… wow it was November right? I went back to my beloved country Nigeria in December for Christmas and New Years. Had some ridiculous adventures. I played, won, lost, loved, was loved, flew and crashed. So many interesting stories and moments occurred that I will be dedicating a series called the Naija Chronicles to them. I met some fabulous people. Even those life long friends you meet and suddenly you hear bogart saying “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” in your ears. When I left Nigeria it was with the same oppressive feeling I always have when I have to leave. This time I was more resigned to this pattern of going and leaving. I don’t even remember looking out the window as we took off. Which was for the best since the sunny midday take-off seemed to laugh at the night and fog my imagination and mood called for.

Then I came back and quit my job.

It feels like there should be an audible explosion after that sentence. In the current economy saying you’ve quit your job just seems like blasphemy and a slap to the face of many involuntarily unemployed individuals. However, this is not about them… this is about me. JOY EGHONGHON JOHNSON. My last day was some days ago and I’ve been footloose ever since. I’m a creative and there comes that time when you need a break to cleanse and get CREATIVE again. I worked in corporate for years and its hard to do it in that setting especially when you work for an internal creative department. Every creative reading this should know exactly what I mean by that. Its time for me to diversify, grab my backpack and do something creative – INSPIRING. Maybe escape to the woods with my new Canon, which I got a few weeks ago. Write a book with the goal of publishing it. Try my hand at business. I’ve given myself a year to do me. Not to do everything I want to do but the things I feel I NEED to do. A yearning for fulfillment is what I’m after. I hunger as if I’ve been starved for years. I wont lie I do feel a tiny pinch when people find out I’ve left my job and look at me as if Im crazy then ask that dreaded question “so what’s next?” or “what’s your plan?”. Which I reply “FREE ME JOR”. At least I wish I could. Can I be plan-less in peace? Is the “free spirit” dead in the modern era of fast paced over-caffeinated society. In my present state of mind “society” is now banned as a bad word. If being part of it requires being shackled to a desk and living in monotone. No thanks.

So its me and you 2012. By the end of this year I wonder where and what I’ll be doing. Not knowing is not scary at all. Its bloody liberating. Why a year? Well thats what I’ve allowed and budgeted for. Even tho this move may seem reckless to many, I am not so free that I don’t think of the numbers first. I could go beyond a year who knows if things work out my way of life may permanently change. Its only my ‘Ol Man in the sky that knows best. God thank you. You give me the strength to be a better ME.