Author of NotSoSkinnyDreams

“Return of the Mack”

It has been some time I know. The faithful have by now given up on me and the curious forgotten me. What can I say? Absolutely nothing. In my defense I felt my life was on pause for a big change. What interest could there be in a paused moment? Still I should’ve persevered on and updated you all on at least my mind. I could’ve rambled about small new discoveries and small hurts. However drama has always been my calling and drama is what I like to give {positive drama!}.

As I write this, I am now in Nigeria. Sigh, I can hear my old readers exhale. Yes we’re back here again. My mindset has changed however. Its not all about here anymore… its about EVERWHERE. Or at least everywhere a market is emerging. I feel Kenya rumbling with new possibilities, Ghana knocking next door and Uganda clamoring not to be forgotten. Those are just a few of many I’ve been looking at.

Let me pull back before I get caught up. For now my stay here is relatively brief. Time will tell how brief that is. Already I’ve connected with some wonderful people. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and life long friends can be built past undergrad.