A couple of weeks ago I saw the movie “War Room.” As someone with a background in video production, I was a bit skeptical on whether I would like it. I was used to Christian movies that fell far short from what I considered a basic standard of quality. However, “War Room” despite the few quirks here and there fully satisfied my needs. The message was so deep that I was able to look passed minor flaws and receive what the makers were giving me—a message of love. A persistent love that withstands any situation life throws at you. I learned a new method of praying.

A better word would be STRATEGY. I never thought of strategizing my prayer life or writing down prayers. I left the cinema excited and on a mission to make my own war room. Unfortunately, I could not find a space in the house for one. Instead, I compromised by starting a “war journal.” I’ve started writing down the season I’m in, whether it is a desire for career fulfillment or praying for discernment. I write it at the top then break down the prayer in sections. First is praise, where I put down every reason I love God just for being God. Then I pray for those who have wronged me in any way in an effort to fully forgive them and move on. Then I confess my own sins to God and ask for forgiveness. After that, I pour out my heart to Him about all that is weighing on my heart about that particular topic. Everything is interspersed with bible verses to help support the foundation of the prayer. The research alone is helpful because the bible has all the answers and promises God has already given us. It confirms that as long as what we ask for is not against His will He will answer us as His children.

Prayer is a powerful weapon against the enemy and, of course, we should not wield it lightly or haphazardly. So far, I like this way of tackling the situations in my life. If nothing else I desire a kinship with God and any way to get closer to him I will try.

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